Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction: A Short Course in Barcelona

Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction: A Short Course in BarcelonaBarcFSI2014.jpg
July 19-20, 2014
The short course is on Saturday and Sunday before the World Congress on Computational Mechanics, July 21-25, 2014, Barcelona. One can register just for the short course or take advantage of special (conference + short course) registrations. There is also a special registration for full-time students.
Instructors: Y. Bazilevs (UCSD), K. Takizawa (Waseda), and T. Tezduyar (Rice)
Short-Course Overview
The lectures will focus on the fundamental concepts and advanced topics in computational fluid-structure interaction (FSI). The fundamental concepts will include the stabilized formulations, ALE method and ALE-VMS technique, space-time (ST) method and ST-VMS technique, mesh update methods for flows with moving interfaces, iterative solution techniques and parallel computing concepts, and isogeometric analysis. The advanced topics are the ST computational FSI techniques, ALE-VMS computational FSI techniques, and FSI coupling techniques. The topics to be covered include the core technologies and the special techniques targeting specific classes of problems, such as cardiovascular FSI, parachute FSI, and wind-turbine modeling.
Registration Deadline: July 1, 2014