Stanowisko asystenta-badacza w Swansea University

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This is a fixed term RA position for one year and the salary will be £28k - £38k depending on the experience of the candidate. The research work includes, but is not limited to, the areas outlined below:
1. Research and develop 3D arbitrary parallel processing facilities within the FE/DE based software package ELFEN applied to the solution of a range of continuum and discrete fracturing applications such as glass forming, coupled geomechanical/fluid flow and hydraulic fracturing.
2. In performing the research and development the candidate will have the opportunity to learn and develop their numerical modelling skills not only in parallel processing techniques but also in the different advanced highly non-linear application areas.
Informal enquiries are welcome and should be directed to Dr Chenfeng Li at
Deadline for Application is 12 Dec 2014. Application Link:

The application will remain open until the post is filled. Candidates can email the application directly to Dr C.F. Li after 12 Dec.