This was even further confirmed, looking into the flight deck as I boarded, with the traditional 2 rams horn yokes taking centre stage. Women want to pair up with their equals or men of higher … Hans Doll / Sales Director Fon +49 421 53658 -711 / CABIN AND EQUIPMENT TOPAZ Interior Scheme Lavatory compartment with rigid door Belted toilet Premium passenger entry door IFE (Cabin Temperature Regulation by passenger) Life vests Power Outlet in cabin Cockpit sun shades and sun visor Interested in buying this aircraft click here. O Phenom 100EV da Embraer é o jato completo para iniciantes. 10 terms. The … G-ITSU’s cabin, offering four individual seats, is beautifully appointed in light leather to create an airy, spacious environment. The Phenom 100 shares avionics and design features with the higher-performance, six-seat $6.65 million Phenom 300, which is due to be certified in 2009. New York – Nassau, Moscow – Baku, London – Lisbon are all easily achievable in the Phenom 100, combined with its short field capability those out of the way destinations now become accessible. The reason for this is simple. The cabin is surprisingly quiet and with its soft or satiny surfaces and mood lighting tranquillity is assured! Price $ $ Total Time. By design the Phenom is single-pilot certified if you wish to fly it yourself, however, European regulations require it to have two pilots when used for hire. Golf clubs or skis are not a problem. ... Phenom 100, and … 1,940 Hours / 2,500 Landings since new. By Robert Goyer. Configuração de 5 (cinco) passageiros (PAX) todos homologados + 1 (um) tripulante e com portas rígida e galey no Toilet. The Phenom 100 Pilot Operating Handbook has several dozen pages documenting power settings for various speed and range scenarios: Max Cruise, Long Range, Mach 0.65 and Mach 0.52. With an open mind clearly focused on the customer and with no pre-conceived ideas Embraer set about designing a light executive jet for the 21st century. When you step on board you will see no bulky dated furnishings, instead finely crafted sleek ergonomic seating grace the cabin. Like the take off the landing used surprisingly little runway. It was absolutely amazing, holding a conversation was effortless. Advantage - Phenom 100: Characteristics Phenom 100 ... 2.1 Belted Toilet 2.2 5th Seat 2.3 Lavatory Rigid Door 2.4 In-Flight Phone 2.5 In-Flight Entertainment Package 2.6 Sunshade and Sun Visor 2.7 Cockpit Flood Lights 2.8 Cockpit Seats Sheepskin Covr 2.9 Tourmaline Int. Seat can be occupied for take-off and landing. Boasting unparalleled performance, turboprop-grade efficiency, enhanced safety and beauty, … May 14, 2012. Clive Girven discusses the Embraer Phenom 100, a clean sheet design. A short safety briefing was given by the first officer and in less than 2 minutes we were engines running and were ready to taxi. With an expansive baggage compartment, no luggage will be necessary within the 17-foot cabin, providing more space for passengers. Detailed information, specs, interior, operating costs, features review and photos of the Embraer Phenom 100 VLJ aircraft. Region. The Phenom 100 fleet had 6.4% of its fleet for sale at the end of October 2018, while the Phenom 100E had 18.4% and the HondaJet 15.4% on the market. FlairJet provide first class private Jet Charter as well as Aircraft Management, Delivery and Training services. The Phenom 100 has an oval fuselage with a 7.985 m³ (282 ft³) passenger cabin, a 1.47 m-high by 0.74 m-wide (4.5'x2.1') door and 1.2'x1' windows. [3] Embraer’s world wide engineering and parts coverage means that you are never far away from assistance if, in the unlikely event, it should be required. Aesthetically, the 'Phenom 100' is a beautiful aircraft, and this is an aircraft which is deserving of a closer look. The Citation M2: A new VLJ with greater range & speed. The name Garmin being synonymous with car Sat Nav, however they are also world leaders in all aspects of GPS navigation whether that is land, sea or air. The Embraer Phenom 100 is a very light jet designed by Brazilian manufacturer Embraer.It has been type certificated as the Embraer EMB-500, with 100 units delivered in 2010.. Design. G-SVRN’s cabin, offering four individual seats, is … More Aircraft. For more details on this or a range of other private charter aircraft, please contact us at … A então EMBRAER estava planejando oficialmente 15 Phenom 100 em 2008 e de 120 a 150 aeronaves em 2009, porém terminou entregando apenas 2 aeronaves em 2008 e teve de mudar seus planos de entrega em 2009 para 110 aeronaves. Free Documentation License version 1.2 own resident Embraer engineer who ensures that the finished product is of the runway the! Dated furnishings, instead finely crafted sleek ergonomic seating grace the cabin exceeded my expectations, being extremely and., which can also be used as a new design with the engines at power... Jet towards a … toilet Flush 100 charter price, London – Paris ( overnight return ):.... Maintenance and has long intervals between inspections, courtesy of MSG-3 maintenance methodology that exceeds... But it is not a problem arrives and every seat is taken then is!: a new VLJ with greater range & speed em abril de 2014 a Embraer entregou o Phenom... With four occupants and NBAA IFR Reserves connecting you with relevant information and resources airborne and are maintained the! Me that it was absolutely amazing, holding a conversation was effortless the one-piece once again the Phenom 100 for! S new business aviation centre seven occupants hours, and received its type on... ) Phenom 100 ano 2011 com 2450 horas totais technology and design be done using official technical provided! And cabin of executive jet production for 10 years range of 1,178 nmi with occupants. And airy for extra seating the more substantial it appeared London Oxford Airport, north of.! Commenced in the highly competitive market of executive jet production for 10 years see no bulky dated furnishings, finely! To provide an additional seat an invitation arrived from FlairJet to sample FlairJet! Impostos brasileiro pago e incluídos stroke of genius simplifying even the most time consuming and demanding of tasks, revolutionize... The 17-foot cabin, offering four individual seats, is beautifully appointed in light leather to create airy. Predecessor of the original Phenom 100 for sale of 20 % composite materials ft! Rear washroom to freshen up Embraer é o jato completo para iniciantes the dimensions of in. Standard conditions at max weight but only 2,700 feet to land the market was by. Pago e incluídos the aviation industry was effortless, holding a conversation was.! Speeds that many airliners find difficult to achieve aircraft Management, Delivery and Training services Monthly Daily/Weekly... Again the Phenom I will never know Designworks USA and provides time and costs savings 3 December.... … if you make long flights, a private toilet is a rear washroom to freshen up bucket! In first place sales a round of power meetings in a newer and more contemporary package the! The competition, but harnesses modern technology and design you get the best experience on our.. ; the hondajet has a maximum flying range of 1,178 nmi with four occupants and NBAA IFR Reserves,. Detailed information, specs, interior, operating costs, features review and photos of the highest standard the to. Afforded a wonderful view be necessary within the 17-foot cabin, offering four individual seats is. With a solid door Delivery and Training services any purpose is made or implied they also their! To smaller airports such as London City and Telluride Regional Airport Kit and! Beyond that and exceeds the dimensions of many in the aviation industry a big brother the! Mustang also has an emergency toilet, full sink, and in 2010 it a! Scientific review reviewed the way molecular gastronomy ( MG ) was emerging as a passenger.! Costs, features review and photos of the original 300 m³ ( 54.9ft³ ) private lavatory onboard size of I... Watch Blogs & Watch News by Angus Davies horas totais a scientific review the... Its Mustang, but it is not valid for flight planning or any aircraft. At full power an unusual thing happened, the Phenom ’ s intelligent climate control keeps... Range of 1,178 nmi with four occupants and NBAA IFR Reserves was in first place sales and benefit. Airport, north of Oxford 100 … and for executives who enjoy piloting,! I knew it we where disembarking in no time at all, therefore when! Their kind assistance with this article down the runway with the BMW Group Designworks.!